Wildwood’s High School offers a challenging college-preparatory curriculum that includes Honors level courses in each of our academic core disciplines, as well as a variety of Advanced Placement (AP) offerings and the opportunity for dual enrollment.

In addition to Wildwood’s strong academic foundation, the distinctly Christian context for learning challenges students to question the messages of a popular culture that, at times, devalues notions such as truth and beauty. Wildwood’s focus on traditional liberal arts training in math, science and the humanities, as well as a strong emphasis on technology and the arts, provides students the tools they need to be successful in college. Wildwood’s unique program develops critical problem solving skills by immersing students in experiential learning opportunities and non-traditional class scheduling options.

-Achievers Advisory Program

High school students are divided into small groups to participate in the Achievers Advisory Program. This advisory approach uses the power of a facilitated small-group discussion.

  • Students define success as an intentional approach to life that ensures they are a faithful steward of their gifts and talents, in contrast to more superficial definitions of success such as being famous or having a high-paying job.
  • Freshman and sophomores will learn how time spent building on their strengths is often more fruitful than trying to fix a weakness. Freshmen and sophomores engage in directed feedback and self-reflection to identify areas of talent through a variety of inventories and activities.
  • Juniors and seniors will continue to formalize their personal mission statements and identify their top strengths.This program gives students the opportunity to identify and develop their top natural talents, improve their grades, strategically determine a rewarding collegiate and career path, and maximize their potential.As students proceed through the process of college advisement, this knowledge about themselves and their strengths gives added insight and helps to inform their choices as they seek to make the “match” that is right for them.
  • -Dual Credit

    Wildwood will have a program for dual credit with local colleges and universities allowing students to earn college credits at the same time they complete their high school course requirements. Participation in these courses is subject to a separate understanding relating to add/drop that differs from Wildwood’s own requirements. Students must pay a small incremental tuition fee which goes directly to the institution for the issuance of college credits.


    The Minimester model is a variant of what many colleges offer between full semester courses, and has dramatically enhanced the elective opportunities available to students. For the first two (2) weeks in January and again for two (2) weeks in May, all students will have the opportunity to concentrate in two (2) different electives of their choosing. These electives are in addition to the standard electives offered across the semester and are taught by faculty, who because of their responsibilities to teach in the core subjects, are otherwise unavailable to teach elective courses during the traditional semester.

    The minimester expands the availability of student options and allows students to pursue their academic passions in ways that continue to develop their own unique abilities. The minimester will also support student participation in internship opportunities and regional and international academic trips that are not possible at other schools with a traditional and static academic calendar. Adjunct faculty members are also easily employed in this minimester because of the finite time commitment to be an instructor.

    The faculty will design new minimester courses in all subjects. These electives are grouped by department with the addition of a general elective category. Courses subjects vary, for example:

  • Humanities electives with titles such as The Spanish American War and American Imperialism and Shakespeare’s Tragedies
  • Science courses like Forensic Science demonstrate chemistry’s application to fighting crime
  • Math electives such as intensive SAT Prep, and the mathematical nature of infinity appropriately titled To Infinity and Beyond

  • -Portrait of a Wildwood Graduate