Wildwood FunD Run 2016 Info!

Dear Wildwood Christian Academy Families: With just over a week until the “Wildwood FunD Run 2016”, we thought it wise to provide an update on this event and surrounding activities: ...

Algebra 2 Acted out Math Lessons

Chef Pittman welcomed students to Algebra Cafe. This setting reinforced the lesson of probability and the chances of winning.  

Fifth Grade Supported ‘Just One Africa’

Making bracelets for this organization will help provide clean water to those in Africa. Classes were able to view how the filtration system works, which is purchased by the monies ...

Third Grade Helped the Local Animal Shelter

Another Day of the Heart station included making Pom Poms for the cats and gathering tennis balls for the dogs which all reside at Big Canoe Animal Shelter while awaiting ...

April Blog

Dear Wildwood families and friends, It is hard to believe how quickly April has flown by. In just a few very short weeks, another school year will come to a ...

Seventh Grade In Drama

The class put on their thinking caps as they rewrote a play for their spring production.

Pre-K Alphabet Lessons

The 3’s class learned about the letter ‘V’ this week and watched a chemical reaction which looked like a volcano exploding.  

Studies Lead to the Outdoor Grounds

A big thank you to the Environmental Science Upper School class for taking time to participate in the Keep Pickens Beautiful campaign.

Fifth Grade History Project

After learning about the Battles of the Revolutionary War, the class took to the field in costume to reenact some of them.

Live From The Field

Great work, Mallory on receiving the Silver Paw Award at Chapel this week! She cleaned up trash around the playground after an outdoor lunch.

Kindergarten Welcomed Spring!

Thank you Mr. & Mrs. McClung for giving each kindergarten student a Root Grower. They will be able to watch a carrot, radish, and onion grow.

Group Work at the PreSchool

Together, the 3’s class played a numbers game while the 4’s class made jungle maps to use on their safari.

March Blog

Dear Wildwood families and friends, Well, it is March and the old saying, “In like a lion, out like a lamb” seems appropriate. Who would have thought that Thursday, March ...

It Was a Green Day in Third Grade

The school’s leprechauns paid a visit to classrooms on March 17th bringing treats and messes for all. It is always fun for the students.

Eighth Grade Spanish Projects

Students worked in the computer lab to research their Spanish Proverbs project. Finished projects were displayed outside the classroom.

Seventh Grade History

Students enjoyed a game of Trasketball to review for an upcoming test.  

The Creative Thinking Class for Sixth Grade

Brain power was needed as they participated in a game of TriBond. The game requires students to decide what three words have in common. For example: cards, chess, and proms.

Upper School Students Visited Brenau University

Students watched a movie on the Stanford Prison Experiment and then visited different experimental labs. These labs were on schizophrenia, biofeedback on stress, and functioning while impaired. A special treat ...

Ice Cream Day at the PreSchool

Students love ice cream day and the weather was perfect to enjoy the treat from the train at the PreSchool’s playground.  

Sixth Grade Science On Stage

Students presented skits based on the legends of earthquakes. One legend believed El Diablo is the devil who causes earthquakes. According to a Siberian legend, earthquakes are caused by a ...

Seventh and Eighth Grade STEM Class

Students worked on their rockets which enhanced their study on physics and projectile motion. When finished, they will get the chance to see how well the rockets work.

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