Wildwood is a small school with big opportunities.

Wildwood holds dual accreditation by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and the Southern Association of Independent School. Wildwood is a member of the Georgia Independent School Association.

Wildwood educates students in a loving and nurturing environment where a child is known not just by his or her teacher, but by everyone in our school.

Wildwood recognizes that to prepare our students to compete in the new landscape of the 21st century, we must fundamentally change how we approach education – we still embrace the very best elements of the classical liberal arts tradition, but we do so with an eye toward its modern application. Knowledge workers and critical problem solvers are the new capital investment. At Wildwood we recognize this central fact and inspire students to discover multiple solutions to complex problems.

Preschool at Wildwood

The Preschool at Wildwood offers young students an adventure in exploring, learning and growing! The mission of the Preschool at Wildwood is to offer a program that encompasses the highest standards in early childhood education within a Christian environment of love and support.  Located in its own building on the main campus, Wildwood’s preschool teaches 3 and 4 year old students skills in structured and unstructured environments – all designed to support the needs of preschool children and prepare them for their entrance to kindergarten and beyond.

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Lower School

The curriculum at Wildwood is interdisciplinary in nature, hands-on in practice, and age-appropriate in design. Our main desire is to meet the needs of the children where they are developmentally, to challenge them intellectually, and to provide a nurturing environment where true potential can be realized.

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Middle School

Students in Wildwood’s Middle School are preparing for future challenges – they are presented with a rigorous course schedule, coupled with increased expectations of personal responsibility and academic achievement.

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High School

Wildwood’s High School offers a challenging college-preparatory curriculum that includes Honors level courses in each of our academic core disciplines, as well as a variety of Advanced Placement (AP) offerings and the opportunity for dual enrollment.

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